Do the Alexander Technique

A medical doctor first recommended that I do the Alexander technique when I was fourteen and suffering from a back injury. Not only did it help my back, but it also taught me how to sit, stand, lift objects and walk with so much more ease. Even today people ask about my good posture, and it’s all thanks to my training in the Alexander technique.

The basic idea of the Alexander technique is to get rid of tension in the body, correct the misuse of muscles and change bad alignment habits in your everyday activities, for example, when you are sitting, lying down, standing, walking or lifting something. The goal is to improve your ease and freedom of movement and learn the proper way to perform different activities, without causing any strain on your body.

Alexander reeducates the mind and body and is one of the most popular techniques used by actors, singers and musicians, because it helps the performer relax onstage and use the least amount of energy for movement. I highly recommend the Alexander technique for everyone, because not only will it help you let go of unhealthy habits, but it will improve your posture and hence your confidence.

If you feel that your posture can be improved or that you carry stress unnecessarily in any part of your body, if you have a bad back or neck, or simply want to understand more on how your body is meant to move or aim to protect it from repetitive strains, then the Alexander technique is for you.

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