Fish Oil Omega 3

Some people take fish oil as a way to curtail any potential heart disease issues. While there are studies out there that say it does improve risk of heart disease there equally numbered of studies that say fish oil / omega-3s do not. When some people started taking larger does of fish oil their chronic back pain slowly ebbed away!

Fish oil was considered a fairly good anti-inflammatory and has even been compared to ibuprofen in its ability to assist with inflammation and the pain associated with inflammation. When I stopped taking 8 grams of daily fish oil, my recurring back injury started to come back again, as well as my lower back pain. I had the constant discomfort running down the back of the right leg, the sciatic nerve. That’s when I discovered that high dose fish oil really seems to have a good impact on the recurring disk problem.

As we all know fish oils are high in omega-3s, EPA and DHA and I strive to find fish oil that is three times regular strength. Kind of strange saying that being that it’s only fish oil. I purchase my fish oil from USANA Health Sciences online store which has concentrated omega-3 fats content versus the original fish oil which I believe has a more pronounced affect on my back pain. Plus Vitamin D benefits your heart, brain, as well as your other body cells. My current dosage, or the amount of fish oil I still take is at four grams in the morning and four grams in the evening. I can honestly say that the only thing that works better than the fish oil is aspirin… and I am not all that thrilled about taking aspirin on a daily basis.

Fish oil has worked for me as and I use it every single day. And with my back problem that can at times be a significant issue to deal with, as it is a recurring dull pain. It seems the fish oil does better management of the pain than any over the counter pharmaceutical I have taken in the past. Fish oil is well worth to be explored in my opinion!