Inflammation and Immune Health

We all have and know the inflammation. The aches and pains associated with getting older. Whether it be a bad lower back or knees that don’t allow you to go up stairs anymore. Or perhaps it’s an overabundance of muscle stiffness or loss of joint function. Whatever it is called by various entities the end result is that inflammation seems to reais its ugly head the older we get.

Inflammation is when the body uses white blood cells to guard itself against incoming infections. It’s as simple as that. In some people their immune system will initiate a response even when there are no internal issues to deal with. The body seems to move forward with protecting itself acting like it does have some sort of infection but without any real infection occurring. One such example that many of us over the age of 50 encounter is arthritis, which is inflammation, or our body’s reaction to a perceived infection that may or may not exist.

To put it simply inflammation is an immune system response to some sort of threat within the body. White blood cells flood the area to potentially guard against any potential infection that may occur. The body’s response is to send the white blood cells in an effort to fight viruses or bacteria and increase blood flow to the area to hopefully initiate any healing process. And as we all know any soft tissue or organs that become inflamed they become painful and can result in anything from difficulty in breathing, join pain, high blood pressure, organ failure or even heart disease.

Typical symptoms associated with inflammation include the following:

Muscle stiffness, fatigue, joint pain and stiffness, redness, and headaches jus to name a few.

Treating inflammation depends on your age, medications you are taking and the cause of your inflammation. Inflammation caused by a direct injury is fairly straightforward.

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