Top Training Tips for Beginning Runners

  • If you’re just beginning a fitness program, the best way to start is with walking.
  • A person with absolutely no running background is recommended to get started with eight straight days of walking.
  • After that initial break-in period, introduce 2 minutes of running, alternating with 4 minutes of walking. Do this five times for a total of 30 minutes per workout. The runs should be slow jogs, not your fastest sprints.
  • The biggest mistake that beginning runners make is they think in mile increments. They need to think in minutes of running, not miles.
  • The other big mistake is that beginners run too fast. They get out of breath, their leg muscles scream, and so running isn’t fun. They get discouraged and quit. Instead, begin at a pace that is about the same as a fast walk.
  • Once you can comfortably run 30 minutes without stopping, then you can think in terms of miles per week. A reasonable goal is 9 to 14 miles, with three days of running and four days of rest, some of which might include some alternative exercise such as swimming, cycling, or strength training.

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