Accidental Exercise

Summer temperatures become an excuse to lounge by the pool, but fun in the sun also can include swimming games, outdoor treks, and beach–centered sports. Check out some of these recreation favorites for getting fit:

  • Turn your dip in the pool into a fast–paced cardio jam. While lightly treading water burns about 4.5 calories/minute, you’ll use up twice that number if you swim laps. Make it more enjoyable by setting up mini–races with friends and family, or initiate tag games to reap the metabolic benefits of interval spurts. Try the highly aerobic sport of water polo, which not only works your heart, but your arms and legs too.
  • With its call for quick movements, big jumps, and upper–body actions, a game of volleyball can leave you panting and sweating. But while you can expend up to 300 calories/hour serving and spiking, you’ll double that amount by taking it to the sand.
  • It’s no wonder kids love to pedal on 2 wheels. Cycling liberates the senses and speeds up your locomotion so you feel like you’re flying. All the while the activity burns fat and strengthens leg muscles. Take to the bike path for an afternoon ride and use over 400 calories/hour — more if you journey across rugged terrain.

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