Surge Protection

Sapped of energy? Forget about reaching for one of those pills or drinks promising a shot in the arm — nothing says downer like an artificial pick–me–up. There’s a reason your battery’s drained, so recharge it naturally with these tips for elevating oomph:

  • Hydrate. That fuzziness in your brain may be due to insufficient water. And it’s not just physical activity that depletes fluid levels. If you’ve had caffeine or alcohol, been out in the sun, or not had water in a while, your body probably needs a refill. A glass of cold water can restore your get–up–and–go.
  • Nibble. Your lull could be due to a blood sugar drop. But resist the temptation to dig into the candy dish or pop open a soda. The rush won’t last, and the crash will plunge you deeper into your drowsy zone. Instead, choose nutrient–dense snacks that deliver pep without the plummet. Low-fat protein mixed with wholesome carbs boost glucose levels in a controlled, steady way. Try nuts and dried fruit, yogurt and berries, or apple slices with peanut butter.
  • Walk. Lack of rest can flat–line your vigor, but so can too much. Sitting inert at a desk all day or lounging on a couch can actually bump up the blahs. So take a quick stroll outside to circulate blood flow, crank up the heart, and draw in fresh air.

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