The Best Grains

As healthy eaters, you know the benefits of choosing whole grains over refined carbohydrates. But here’s a new nugget of info that’ll reinforce healthy choices for your next grain-based meal:

The Journal of Nutrition recently reported that eating complex carbs may also reduce inflammatory markers related to chronic disease in overweight and obese individuals. Researchers assigned high- and low-glycemic diets to participants instructed to follow each diet over two 28-day periods. Among the overweight and obese, researchers found that levels of an inflammatory marker associated with a higher risk of many cancers and heart disease was reduced by about 22% on the low-glycemic plans, suggesting carb quality is key for disease prevention. This doesn’t mean you have to be overweight to reap the rewards. Benefit by ditching refined carbs for whole grains!

Chew on this

no.39 Save yourself the bother of a chipped tooth by taking the time to pick through your lentils for non-edibles before cooking. Spread the lentils on a clean, flat surface and run your fingers through them to remove any stones that may have made their way into the bag.

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