Stuck on Memory Lane?

Everyone forgets where they parked the car now and then. But if you find those incidents are happening often, it could be signaling something more serious — like Alzheimer’s. Learn the 10 indicators of this progressive disorder:

Memory problems like forgetting important dates and repeatedly asking for the same information

Challenges with basic procedures such as following a recipe or balancing the checkbook

Difficulty completing familiar tasks like driving an often used route or recalling the rules of a favorite game

Confusion about time and/or place

Trouble understanding visual or spatial information

New problems with words when speaking or writing

Misplacing things, then being unable to retrace steps

Decreased judgment when interacting with others or managing basic hygiene

Withdrawal from activities or hobbies due to embarrassment

Mood or personality changes.

If any of these signs persists or worsens, seek a doctor’s advice right away. While there’s currently no cure for Alzheimer’s, early detection can mean valuable support and beneficial treatments.

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