Benign Breast Clinic

For years women have been told to thank their lucky stars if a lump in the breast isn’t cancerous, but benign. Few treatments have been offered to ease the pain of Benign Breast Disease. Now there is new hope…doctors and clinics that specialize in the disorder. Richee has been suffering from severe breast pain and multiple lumps for several years.

“The pain is sometimes very intense. It’s like a needle or something puncturing me.”

Benign Breast Disease led Richee to a clinic at the University of Virginia that specializes in the chronic disorder. Richee’s mammogram showed multiple lesions. An ultrasound was necessary to see if the lumps were solid or liquid. High tech diagnostic equipment rules out cancer.

Dr. Santen:
“With Richee we have made a diagnosis. We have ruled out cancer and we are now trying to relieve her symptoms of pain.”

Benign Breast Disease occurs when milk ducts become clogged, forming pockets of fluid or cysts. It affects two-thirds of all women. Doctors say 85 percent of women can ease their symptoms by avoiding caffeine, taking vitamin E, evening primrose oil capsules, mild pain relievers like Tylenol or Motrin, water pills or switching to a soft bra. Dr. Santen says thoughts on treating the disease have changed over the years.

“We have some ways of treating it, so let’s consider this as a medical problem and focus on trying to treat the patient rather than saying ‘it’s not cancer let’s forget about it’.”

In addition to the University of Virginia, there are several other clinics in the U.S., including the Women’s & Infants’ Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island; the Breast Clinic OB/GYN at the University of Michigan; and the Breast Clinic OB/GYN at Emory University in Atlanta. For more information on the chronic condition see your gynecologist.

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