Taking your child’s temperature can be a tricky task. Here’s how to get an accurate reading along with some effective ways to treat your child’s fever.

Two-year-old Connor has already had his share of fevers. High temperatures in children aren’t always dangerous, but as every parent knows, they can be distressing and hard to diagnose.

Dan is Connor’s father. “They just can’t tell you what exactly is wrong with them. You have to kind of guess. Probably the biggest sign is when he acts lethargic, or he starts to tell you he doesn’t feel well, or he gets cranky.”

Dr. Sin’-Rum reminds parents that when taking a child’s temperature, technique is important.

Dr. Sin’-Rum, M.D., family physician, “We like to have as much skin surrounding the probe as possible. That’s the reason we want you to put it under the tongue or up into the underarm so there’s not much air, just skin.”

Dr. Sin’-Rum says the old-fashioned glass thermometers work fine, as do the newer digital styles. Ear thermometers are also available. They’re accurate, easy to use and cost about $60. When it comes to treatment, doctors usually recommend Tylenol or ibuprofen and a room temperature bath. The bath alone can lower a fever by two degrees.

For your newborn, it’s best to be safe. Don’t hesitate to call your doctor no matter how slight the fever.

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