Take a Kid Fishing

Fishing is a terrific way to relax in the great outdoors with friends and family. From fly fishing and ice fishing to simply fishing off the dock, you can reel in a catch that suits your interests and location.

New to fishing? Here are some basics you’ll need to get started:

License. Inquire at your local grocery or sporting goods store for a fishing permit or license. Children usually don’t need them, but adults who fish must have them or face big fines.

Pole and line. The type of pole you’ll need will depend on the type of fishing you’re planning to do. Fly fishing poles differ from freshwater fishing poles, for example. Start with a fishing line that will hold 8–10 pounds.

Hook and bait. The type of hook depends on what you’re fishing for — use a smaller hook to hold salmon eggs for trout and longer hooks for catching bass or catfish with worms.

For more details on fishing tackle and techniques, check out the State of Texas Take Me Fishing guide.

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