Breast Cancer Breakthroughs

Body Lift Flap

What it is Microsurgical procedure that transplants fat from the abdomen, waist and posterior hips to rebuild the breast of women who have undergone a mastectomy.

Where Center for Restorative Breast Surgery in New Orleans

Breakthrough Breast Cancer survivors who might not have qualified for soft tissue breast reconstruction or who have inadequate fat deposits in a single area to support a reconstruction can now get breasts in the size, shape and projection they desire. As the name suggest, there’s an added bonus: Patients leave having essentially had a tummy tuck and buttock lift.

HDR Brachytherapy

What it is Radiation therapy that delivers high-dose radiation directly to a tumor. The radiation is delivered via thin catheters that are temporarily implanted in the breast of women who have undergone a lumpectomy for lesions three centimeters or less.

Where At all seven Gamma West Cancer Services locations in Utah and at other cancer centers in the United States.

Breakthrough Radiation is given over five days instead of the six and a half weeks that is typical for whole breast radiation. Also, radiation exposure is limited to the site of the tumor, so healthy tissue is spared and radiation side effects minimized.

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