Spring Clean Your Way to Health

Open those windows, sweep under the fridge, and dust away those cobwebs. It’s spring cleaning time. While tossing those old newspapers makes your keys easier to find, there are surprising health benefits too:

Clutter compounds stress. The more disorganized a space, the harder it is to think, work, or relax. It’s a micro-reflection of a greater sense of chaos that plagues your life. But spring cleaning can purge your home of unnecessary things, simplifying your existence. Feng Shui (an ancient Chinese practice that says harmonizing natural forces, or Chi, in your environment produces positive health results) principles even suggest that an organized dwelling unlocks physiological barriers. This invites healing energy as well as serenity into your mind and body. Simple tips? Put decorative pieces on surfaces where you would otherwise toss mail, keys, or miscellaneous items. Clean out your refrigerator at least once monthly. Keep corridors and staircases clear of clutter. Make your bed, and don’t drop any of clothing or items near or on the bed

Light physical activity eases tension in the muscles and provides some aerobic benefits. As you reach into crevices with the mop, vacuum your carpets, and bend down to scour the sink, you engage your body and circulate blood to your brain, inspiring mental clarity.

Cleanliness is next to godliness, as the saying goes. But while it’s unlikely a sparkling toilet upgrades your human status to divine, sanitary conditions are better for your health. Thoroughly washing areas like the bathroom and kitchen, where harmful microbes nest, lowers your risk for getting sick. Having your AC/heating unit serviced and your ventilation system professionally cleaned helps decontaminate your air from toxins, mold, and dust that accumulated during the winter months.

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