Fall Cleaning

Modern spring cleaning finds its roots in the soot of the Industrial Revolution — when fresh breezes chased winter’s remnants of coal dust out the window. Today, Americans often use that time of year to stow cold-weather items, air out a stuffy home, and de-clutter 6 months of accumulations. But an autumn sweep through your abode is just as important, so fall in line with these fall-cleaning tips:

Seal up your windows and sweep out the fireplace and chimney.

Have your heating system checked to ensure it’s working properly. Install carbon monoxide detectors in every room.

In warmer regions, open up the windows. If your windows have been closed for the past few months, your home needs a little freshening.

Clean your screens, blinds, curtains, windows, and roof gutters.

Go through your summer wardrobe and donate or sell clothes you won’t wear next year. Pull out the winter coats, hats, and gloves when appropriate.

Dust and wipe down those ceiling fans. The last thing you want to see or breathe is dust wads clinging to each blade.

Now’s a good time to have your carpets and air ducts professionally cleaned (don’t forget the dryer vent and stove exhaust).

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