Green About the Gills

Air pockets often pick on plane travelers, and seemingly smooth roads can be rough on the car’s occupants. Even an ocean wave isn’t a friendly greeting for some cruise passengers. Unfortunately, more than 50% of Americans experience the nauseating, dizzying effects of motion sickness at some point.

Curb queasiness on your next vacation with these tips:

Reconnect. Motion sickness is usually nothing more than a synchronization problem — when your body’s balance control center in the inner ear registers a force that your brain didn’t initiate and your eyes don’t sense… like airplane turbulence. Coordinate all 3 sensory detectors:

In a car, by driving or sitting in the front seat and fixating your attention on a distant point

In a plane, by sitting over the wings in the window seat

On a boat, by going to the top deck and gazing out at the horizon when mal de mer hits.

Disconnect. Stay away from smoke and fellow sickies. Encountering a green face could induce an empathetic response. Avoid odors, spices, or foods that aren’t agreeable. And refrain from reading.

Over-the-counter medications like Dramamine™ can suppress symptoms, but even herbs like peppermint and ginger may settle your upset tummy. Acupressure bracelets can dissolve some of the receptors that trigger nausea. And sometimes just a few breaths of cool air bring relief.

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