When a bitter chill slaps your face, there’s nothing like a hot bowl of soup to take away the sting. And many savory broths aren’t just convenient lunch options or side dishes — combinations of spices and vegetables can deliver potent nutrients. But be careful… some ingredients can turn your nourishing dose of warmth into a blast of sodium, calories, and unhealthy additives. Simmer up a wholesome meal packed with hearty flavor without excess fat or salt:

Add potato or cauliflower purée to create a creamy bisque instead of most or all of the cream

Try probiotic–rich miso (fermented soybean paste) in stocks to enhance taste

Unlock spice potency by adding dried herbs at the beginning of cooking to give them time to rehydrate and fresh herbs toward the end to retain their essence

Up your fiber intake by supplementing any recipe with beans and whole grain rice or barley

Turn down the butter by sautéing in olive oil as you prepare soup ingredients; if you need moisture, try a bit of wine or reduced sodium broth.

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