Setting a Positive Example

While making efforts to improve your own health, you naturally become more aware of other people’s choices. While you may have the urge to share some health tips, it’s probably best to keep your mouth closed. Unsolicited (though well intentioned) health advice can sound more like criticism.

Instead, set a healthy example for friends and family members:

Bring a healthy dish. The next time you get together, bring a delicious, healthful dish to share.

Invite them over. Have loved ones over for a healthy meal that will tempt their taste buds.

Ask them to join you. Going for a weekend hike or bike ride? Get a family member or friend to join you, or schedule a walk or time at the gym together. Remember to go at their pace — while it may not be your most intense workout, you’ll enjoy knowing you’re helping them get fit.

When you let loved ones see your healthy habits in action — and when they see the positive results you’re experiencing — they’re more likely to get motivated and make a lifestyle change themselves.

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