Keep Moving

Thanksgiving: a time for food, family, and football. While turkey day may not automatically inspire exercise, you can do more than eat up and lie down. Give thanks for health by turning your holiday into a workout:

Participate in a turkey trot. Most communities host local options for the whole family. You can even create your own — a pre- or post-dinner hike with family/guests.

Organize family games. Get the crew outside for a game of tag, flag football, or soccer. If your region’s climate doesn’t support outdoor activities, set up musical chairs in the basement or family room. Or just crank up the music and dance.

Take advantage of shopping. If you plan to hit the Black Friday sales, settle for the last parking spot. You’ll not only save time searching for a closer one, you’ll build up your steps. Leave the car at a central location and walk from store to store; hustle up the stairs instead of riding the escalators.

Use your membership. If you’re paying club dues, don’t waste them. Most gyms are open on major holidays during certain hours. Take advantage of a fitness facility and your day off to work up a sweat before heading home to enjoy your feast.

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