Are we in a better health than our ancestors?

We live longer and longer in developed countries, it’s a fact. But this evolution is essentially related to the progress of hygiene and the end of big epidemic as cholera. This evolution has been helped by the enormous progress of surgery and vaccination. Those both allowed to destroy numerous diseases which used to be dead full. When we look at it closer the reality of public health is not enjoyable! New diseases also dead full appear. When disease with infection are going down, “Civilization diseases” are about to explode.

Our nourishment changed very quickly as recently. Probably too fast. According to some scientists that would explain our disease of civilization. The number one: being overweight.

If we think our direct ancestor: the Man of Cro Magnon appears around 30,000 or 50,000 years, our humankind. Followed during more than 90% of his history, the same diet based on wild game of fish and vegetables hunted, fished picked and very soon eaten.

We are eating food completely unknown from thousands of generations who came before us. Nourishment changed very brutally but what about us? We didn’t change so much. Our metabolism looks like very much to the one of our fat ancestor of Paleolithic, the man of Cro Magnon. And it’s difficult for him to adapt himself to those very particular food created from technology.

The advantage which allowed our ancestors to survive to starvation times returned against us. We are unable to survive to the attraction of food and especially to its variety. We eat a lot of fat. Sugars we get full of plenty of those modern products that the food industry show us through advertising campaign — products that our metabolism of hunter and picker keep on to switch in fat stocked ugly and nowadays unusefull.

Those ways of eating bring us to obesity, this problem increase slowly in developed countries on the top of that we don’t’ move enough. Almost 30% of the French population suffers from being overweight. The worse is up to come In ten years in France the kids obese aged from 8 to 14 got double …

Without going back to the age of stone diet, based on bodies or insects. It’s seems reasonable to try to get close to them responding to our naturals needs that our genes had always known. By reducing cereals, the sugar, the salt and a good quantity of diary we will be able to lose weight and also go back to health and the well-being.

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