Mental Spring Cleaning

With the beautiful weather and renewed energy the season brings, many will tackle the yearly ritual of spring cleaning. While you’re removing clutter, consider cleaning your mind as well. After all, doesn’t it get cluttered too?

* Exercise. It’s a good escape — without phone calls, emails, or other distractions… time to be alone with your thoughts, reflect on the day, and sort out problems.

* Check it out. Consider making a list of issues to work through or dilemmas to resolve. Review the areas of your life that may contribute to mental clutter, then set priorities for clarity.

* Talk it over. Sometimes all it takes to clear your head is talking it over with a friend, family member, or therapist. Putting a name to your worries can do wonders.

* Accept it. Unfortunately, despite your best efforts, some things you cannot change. Accept them as a reality and focus on what you can control — your reactions and your attitude.

When you manage your stress, you’ll find you’re better able to deal with issues as they arise.

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