Laughing boosts energy

Are you stressed? Do you have trouble sleeping? Or do you just want to relax? You’ve tried medicines or maybe massages. You might just want to laugh.

These people are exercising, lowering their blood pressure, and boosting their immune system.

Registered nurse Ellen Hiura, R.N., of Santa Monica/UCLA Medical Center says, “Oh, it really makes you feel good, and you’re taking nice deep breaths.”

The feel good factor is only one benefit to laughing. Certified Laughter Leader Jenni Reusser, of the Orrville YMCA in Ohio, tells Ivanhoe laughing also boosts energy. “It’s a natural high. It doesn’t take any drugs or alcohol,” she says.

Studies show laughter reduces stress. It helps allergies, infections, constipation, and pain. With all these benefits, if you’re still having trouble getting the giggles on your own, you could join a laughter club.

Laughter clubs aim to help others improve their health through group laughter. These laughers know the benefits well.

They say: Laughing is good for you. It puts oxygen in your blood. It relaxes your muscles. I just can’t stop it.”

Experts say the benefits are also long-lasting.

Neuroscientist David Felten, M.D., Ph.D., of University of California and Irvine College of Medicine, tells Ivanhoe, “Many of the changes to stress hormones, inflammatory mediators, and the beneficial effects on immune systems persist way beyond the period of the actual participation in the humor and laughter.”

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Laughter is also good for your heart. A recent study of 48 heart patients shows those whose therapy included 30 minutes of humor a day had fewer abnormal heart rates and required less heart medication.

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