Some Like It Hot

Want the flexibility of yoga, the cardio intensity of aerobics, and the detox benefits of a spa? Then Bikram Yoga might be for you. With specialized postures and breathing exercises, Bikram or hot yoga is designed to develop strength and endurance, while ridding the body of toxins. Some things you should know:

  • Before you sign up, get the green light from your doctor. If you have high or low blood pressure, heart disease, or diabetes, you may need a different form of yoga.
  • Classes are usually 90 minutes and held in a heated room: 95°–105° F with 40% humidity.
  • The postures — called asanas — may be modified to suit different skill levels. Each asana (26/session) is held for 10–60 seconds.
  • Be prepared to sweat — and cleanse the body of toxins, sugars, urea, and ammonia.
  • Special breathing techniques will help you maintain focus and cope with the heat.
  • You’ll need to invest in a yoga mat and towels. Wear loose–fitting, moisture–wicking clothing, and drink plenty of fluids 30–60 minutes before you begin a class.

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