Helpful Mother’s Day and household tips

Here’s this month’s most helpful hint: Mother’s Day is May 11. Don’t forget!

Rub Vick’s VapoRub on the bottom of your feet before hitting the sack to help that consistent cough. Be sure to wear socks, though, to keep the rub on your feet and not on your sheets.

To take the smell of onions off your hands after chopping, sprinkle salt on your hands and rub it in, then rinse.

Windex is a miracle cleaner. It will clean up your kid’s vomit, get red Kool-Aid out of your new carpet or grease off the stove, or remove anything that needs disappearing.

Take your dirty oven racks and place them in a garbage bag with paper towels soaked in ammonia. Leave them in the bag overnight, and the next morning the baked-on residue will wipe off easily with a Brillo pad.

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