Healthy Aging

The world’s oldest person — Besse Cooper — is 115. If you aspire to the century mark, a healthy lifestyle and great genetics can help. The world’s average life expectancy is 68.9 years, while American life expectancy is 78.4.

Research reveals several common denominators that contribute to longevity:

  • Practice clean living: Don’t smoke, limit alcohol use, and avoid toxins.
  • Focus on your foods: Eat a healthy diet with lots of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.
  • Stay physically active: Maintain an ideal body weight. Exercising often also will help maintain bone strength.
  • Get screenings: Visit your doctor for regular checkups and tests. Early detection and preventive care are crucial.
  • Live happy: Throughout your life remain optimistic, cherish your family and friends, and learn to manage stress.
  • Socialize: Form strong bonds with your community. Become active at church or join a social organization. Maintain a sense of purpose by keeping a busy mind and schedule.

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