Healthy Living for Healthy Kidneys

In the US, 26 million adults are living with chronic kidney disease. While you can’t do anything about some risk factors (such as age and a family history of kidney conditions), many are in your control. Working to avoid obesity, heart disease, and high blood pressure can help keep your kidneys healthy:

Exercise consistently. Physical activity is a powerful weapon against obesity and heart disease.

Eat healthfully. Paired with exercise, healthy eating habits will help you control your weight.

Visit your doctor. As with most conditions, early detection is imperative. Get a yearly physical to make sure everything is in working order.

Be careful with medications. Don’t overuse over-the-counter NSAIDS or painkillers; these can negatively affect the health of your kidneys.

Drop bad habits. Don’t smoke and drink only in moderation.

The National Kidney Foundation offers free kidney health screenings in various cities throughout the year. Check the schedule to see what’s near you.

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