Press Away Pain

You’ve heard of acupuncture, where doctors stick needles in a patient to treat pains and illness. But have you heard of acupressure? Instead of those sharp needles, it’s as simple as using a finger to press on special pressure points to relieve pain. Learn some pressure points that might help you, and decide for yourself if it works.

Acupressure – A form of medicine that’s been around for five thousand years. Acupressure usually is the same as acupuncture. Acupuncture by needle… acupressure by hand, by finger.

The Chinese believe energy, called Chi, travels the body through channels. Massaging pressure points can open those channels and relieve pain.

As a gardener, Margie gets many aches and pains. She comes to Dr. Lee for instant relief.

“Every place he touches you there’s like a little spark of energy,” she says.

He even shows patients how to treat minor problems themselves. For instance, pressing here on the hand is used to treat a sore neck…toothaches…and headaches.

Margie, “You can feel it. You can feel the headache slowly, slowly ease off.”

This point on the wrist is thought to relieve motion sickness and dizziness. Gently rubbing an area on the leg is believed to ease stomach aches and tired legs. And the acupressure point right behind the ankle is for sore feet or a charley horse.

So can anybody do it? Bill has tennis elbow. Feel better? “Yeah, I think it does,” he says.

Richard’s knee hurts. “No, didn’t do anything,” he says.

Sandra has a pain in her foot. “It does feel a little, I can tell a slight difference, I think,” she says.

Doctor Lee points out… even if you’re skeptical.. you can’t hurt yourself trying acupressure, and there are no side effects.

One other pressure point that may be useful is supposed to stop sneezing. Instead of putting a finger to your nose the way most people do, try stretching your arm out and pressing on the inside of your elbow. For some people, the need to sneeze disappears. Go ahead and try this for minor pains, but remember… if you’re sick or hurt, go see your doctor.

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