Green tea may be a strong weapon in the fight against cancer

The Chinese have sworn by its healing powers for more than four-thousand years. Now, green tea is gaining ground in the United States by proving it’s more than an ancient tradition. Green tea may be a strong weapon in the fight against cancer.

When Arnold Aronson’s prostate cancer came back, he was ready to try anything to get rid of it. His urologist, Dr. Mark McClure, suggested drinking green tea. “There’s good scientific evidence to show that green tea does help decrease the incidence of certain cancers and can actually cause death of certain cancers,” says Dr. McClure. He recommends drinking six to nine cups of the stuff each day.

Pam Armstrong is an herbalist. “I think every human being’s greatest fear is cancer. Certainly if drinking green tea on a daily basis can help prevent cancer, who wouldn’t try it?” she asks.

Green tea is one of the hottest selling herbs on the market these days in both loose leaves and capsules. However, there is a down side to drinking green tea. It has caffeine and a unique taste.

Pam Armstrong, “I’ve had some people say it tastes like laundry water. Then I’ve had some people say, ‘Well, it really tastes better if you add a little honey to it or a little lemon grass to it.'”

Although green tea has not been proven to stop cancer growth, Arnold is a believer. His cancer growth has slowed down. “I feel like a million dollars, and I’m 78 years old,” he says.

In addition to helping fight cancer, green tea may also help in the prevention of heart disease. To find out if green tea is right for you, be sure to discuss it with your doctor.

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