Do you think that the idea of something being herbal has anything to do with psychology?

Over 70,000 deaths occur from drug reactions in the United States, according to the book The People’s Pharmacy. Drug reactions are responsible for up to 11 percent of hospital admissions. This is not to say that medication can’t be helpful, because it is, and it can be lifesaving. But because so many medications have unwanted side effects, people sometimes prefer to try something natural if it’s available. Herbal medicine, which is something that’s been available through the centuries, has a good history of what’s considered to be outcome research. In other words, people feel better. That’s not to say they shouldn’t have an evaluation by a qualified health provider to make sure they’re not self-medicating when, in fact, something else should be done. But there are many instances in which herbal medicine can be helpful. Green tea is an excellent example of this.

Will green tea ever wipe out chemotherapy? Does it have the ability to do that, or must it be used in conjunction with something else?
Studies have shown that the more antioxidants the body can utilize, the more protective benefit there is. Therefore, it’s recommended that you follow a diet that’s high in vegetables, fruits and other substances which provide natural antioxidants. Furthermore, preventive medicine is something that should be focused on more. In fact, there is a study on the 25-year war on cancer that was declared by President Nixon. After spending over $30 billion on the war on cancer, researchers came up with the conclusion that more emphasis needs to be placed on preventative medicine. I don’t think green tea or any natural treatment is going to replace conventional treatments for cancer by themselves; but I think if Americans focus more on prevention, great strides will be made in our health for the 21st century.

People should take multivitamins that’s high in antioxidants, minerals and trace elements as a base. Then if they want to supplement with additional antioxidants, for instance green tea, vitamin C — any of these used in combination will offer more protective effects than when taken singularly.

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