Friends Have Benefits

Good friends are great to have — for your mental well–being as well as your physical health. According to a New York Times article, strong friendships help fight illness and depression, speed recovery, slow aging, and prolong life. Celebrate your pals by returning the favor:

  • Practice empathy: Having a trusted friend to listen and help dissolve life’s frustrations is essential to healthy living. Strive to be a true confidant yourself.
  • Make time: Don’t take your buddies for granted. Remind them how much you value their relationship. Join a gym together and support each other’s healthy habits. Call just to say hello.
  • Communicate honestly. Feelings of jealousy and neglect surface during most long–term relationships. If aspects of the friendship are bothersome, clear the air — honesty is vital. Don’t hold grudges, and be willing to admit your own mistakes.
  • Be selfless. Go above and beyond. Cook dinner or offer to baby–sit to ease their burden during stressful times.

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