ZIT Fighters

According to ShopSmartMagazine, experts tested creams and gadgets to see which ones really help

Pimples, zits, blackheads, or whiteheads – whatever you can them – can cause scarring (both emotional and physical!). All kinds of products claim to help the problem, which is caused by bacteria trapped in clogged pores. Some work well, some don’t, and others are basically snake oil. The Federal Trade Commission filed complaints against the marketers of two smart-phone apps that claimed to treat acne with colored lights emitted from the device. Experts tested three topical treatments and two devices that use heat and/or light to treat certain types of pimple. They all had an effect, but the biggest difference among them is the price tag, as you’ll read below.


The Zen Hot Spot and the No! No! Skin devices claim to reduce or completely eliminate red, inflamed acne blemishes using heat and/or light, but they aren’t designed for whiteheads and blackheads. They had 26 volunteers test each device on a few blemishes on one side of their face for two days. Both devices were somewhat effective at reducing the size of acne lesions but erased only about 13 percent of blemishes. A zapper may be a good last-minute fix, but It isn’t cheap.

Price $180
Best for people who have frequent outbreaks. This pricey model may actually save you money over the long run because it’s rechargeable.
Where to get it. Neiman Marcus, HSN.com, online

Price $40 for 80 uses
Best for people who need to clear blemished only once in a while. If you don’t ave a lto of blemishes to zap, there’s no need to spend more.
Where to get it. Drugstores, discount retailers, online.

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