Your risk factors for osteoporosis

Ten million people have osteoporosis … 80 percent of them are women. But the disease can be almost entirely prevented with healthy habits. Are you at risk? Several factors could determine your fate.

Are you at risk for osteoporosis? Here are some clues you are. The first: you weigh less than 127 pounds, which means you have a smaller frame and less hardy skeleton. The second clue: your family history. If your mom had a hip fracture, your risk for hip fracture is 100 percent higher.

Clue number three: you smoke or drink more than 2 alcoholic beverages a day — habits that can lower bone-healthy estrogen and prevent calcium absorption. Number four: you’ve been depressed. Being blue may increase the level of an inflammatory protein in your body that speeds up bone loss. Finally, you’ve taken meds that can cause bone loss, like antacids, thyroid hormones, asthma and cancer drugs.

Another risk factor for osteoporosis is if you’ve missed your period for more than three months in a row but aren’t pregnant or breastfeeding. It could be a sign you’re low in estrogen.

Source: Ivanhoe

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