Winter Road Safety

Slippery roads and snow can make driving a challenge. But with a few potentially lifesaving tips, you can maneuver to work, drop the kids off at school, or go on a winter vacation… without getting cold feet.

  • Check your vehicle: At least once a month during the cold weather, be sure to check your battery, ignition system, hoses, radiator, brakes, oil, wipers, and wiper fluid.
  • Test your tires: The tires you cruised on in summer may not be the right ones now. Winter tires have a special rubber compound and tread design to handle colder temperatures and provide better traction. Tire pressure — which can drop significantly when the temperature dips — is also critical to handling and should be checked at least once a month, including spares. See your car manual for the right amount of pressure for your tires.
  • Remember the 3 stays: Stay alert, stay slow, and stay in control. Keep a generous distance between you and the car in front of you, and start to brake well before you turn a corner.
  • Pack an emergency kit: When the mercury dips, it’s important to stock your car with necessary supplies: blanket, extra clothes, shovel, matches, first–aid items, booster cables, flashlight and batteries, oil, anti–freeze, energy bars, water, and a charged cell phone.

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