Why Your Memory Loves DHA

The more than one milling Americans who slip into mild memory loss and the half a million who develop more serious dementias each year would do well to consider cutting way back on artery-clogging saturated ft and upping their DHA intake.

People who indulge in plates of artery-clogging saturated fat have flabby brains. This bad fat clogs arteries that supply oxygen to the brain, which handicaps mind power. Study found a diet high in saturated fats and sugar actually changed brain structure and reduced learning ability. In contrast, happy people who choose DHA-rich diets are the ones most likely to think clearly well into their eighties and beyond.

The omega-3s are critical for building and maintaining brain and nerve cells and in helping them function well. These fats give a boost to nerve chemicals, reduce inflammation, build better cell membranes and keep brain cells functioning like new. When DHA levels are low, the brain takes a nose-dive toward premature aging. Inflammation around nerves increases, brain cell membranes can’t regenerate, areas of the brain that are important for memory actually shrink, and risks for serious brain and nerve disorders escalate, from Parkinson’s, schizophrenia, attention deficit disorders and multiple sclerosis to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. In contrast, people who maintain high DHA levels also are the ones who protect their minds, memories and problem-solving abilities throughout life. Also, the risk for developing Alzheimer’s even drops by as much as 60%! The also sleep better and cope more soundly with stress.

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