What should people be looking for in their vitamins?

It should be a very well rounded vitamin, meaning a mix of vitamins and minerals. Try to stay away from fillers and dyes because they will affect the way the nutrient is absorbed. Also, look for the natural state of the vitamin so it mimics the way our body absorbs vitamins in food.

For example, the synthetic form of Vitamin E is DL Alpha whereas the natural form is D Alpha, each absorbed by the body differently. The better form is the more natural type, D Alpha. Look for a mineral supplement with the natural form of the vitamin you are trying to increment into your diet.

Many vitamins and minerals have opposite chargers so they repel each other, forcing biochemists to use binders and fillers to help them stay together. Unfortunately, depending on the coat of the binder or filler, the nutrient is altered and either can’t be absorbed or actually enhance the absorption.

Are the spray vitamins easier to absorb than the pill form? – It would depend on somebody’s digestive system. We know the digestion system starts in the mouth, but what we don’t know is where exactly the best place to absorb vitamins is.

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