Weight loss saboteurs and how to defeat them

Late night snacking. Sleep doesn’t burn many calories, so late night foods don’t get burned away. Make a point to stop eating 2-3 hours before bedtime.

Impulse eating. Plan your meals and snacks, and eat every 2-3 hours to avoid mindless eating. Having healthy foods on hand such as almonds or apples will also help.

Watch what you fill your shopping cart with. Go grocery shopping after you’ve eaten, not before. This will reduce the temptation to put junk foods into your shopping cart.

When the temptation to overeat strikes, try on clothes that you can barely fit into. Do you really want to get big enough to make it impossible to fit into these clothes?

Avoid emotional eating. If you’re under stress, go for a run, walk, jump rope or take a hot shower. Listen to your favorite music or open up a book.

See if there are healthier versions of your favorite foods, such as whole grain pancakes with blueberries, versus white flour pancakes. Do this for all types of foods, such as soups, munchies, cereals, ice cream, etc.

Practice portion control. If it can’t fit in your palm, it’s too much.

Stop making excuse to avoid exercise. It’s never too cold, not too hot, to exercise. If you were offered $500 to exercise 30 minutes a day, you’d find the time. Make exercise a priority and you’ll suddenly have the time for it.

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