Eating Behaviors or Habits

Emotional Eaters use food for more than fuel – it also serves as a friend and a comfort. Feelings such as sadness, loneliness, anger, or frustration cause these eaters to turn to food for escape.

Junk food junkies fill up on nutrient-poor (empty-calorie) foods. Fast foods, sugary snacks, salty munchies, and high-fat fare are the norm; vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and other healthy picks are less frequent choices.

Liquid Calorie Lovers unwittingly load their diet with extra calories from drinks. Sodas, milkshakes, coffee drinks, cocktails, smoothies, sports drinks, and more spell trouble for their caloric bottom line.

Meal Skippers tend to have unbalanced eating patterns and often wait too long between meals. As a result, their meals are not planned or thought out, but rather are last-minute choices made wherever and whenever hunger takes over. They often end up making poor diet choices and caving in on cravings because they’re so famished.

Mindless Munchers are all-day grazers and unconscious eaters who put food in their mouths out of habit or boredom, regardless of hunger. They’ll eat in front of the TV or automatically snack at a party, for example, paying little attention to their hunger cues. When Mindless Munchers start to track what they consume, they’re often surprised at how much they eat during the course of the day.

Remember, transforming just one or two of your daily diet habits can result in pounds lost and a slimmer, trimmer you – in just a few weeks!

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