Are Weekend Migraines a Myth?

Some people experience weekend migraines; experts theorize this phenomenon may be due in part to changes in sleep and diet patterns, stress levels, and caffeine. But some studies suggest it’s a myth — and that, for most sufferers, migraines show no preference for particular days of the week.

Nevertheless, day-to-day changes in your habits could trigger a migraine. By establishing healthy routines, you can reduce frequency and severity.

Find ways to manage stress. Avoid using cigarettes or alcohol to unwind. Opt for yoga, meditation, reading, deep breathing, listening to relaxing music, or having a quiet conversation with a friend.

Sleep on schedule. Try to go to bed and get up at around the same time each day. Fluctuations in the time and duration of sleep can trigger migraines for some people.

Eat regularly. Skipping meals and getting too hungry can make blood sugar plummet, which can be a migraine trigger.

Exercise all week long. Working out only on weekends could aggravate migraines, especially if you overdo it to make up for sedentary weekdays.

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