Fast Food for Your Health

If you’re always on the run and rely on fast food restaurants for your meals, we have some good news. You can eat fast food and still eat healthy.

Victoria Johnson, Fitness/Sports Nutrition Expert, weighs about 110 pounds. That’s nearly 70 pounds less than she weighed seven years ago. She was 5’3”, had over 40 percent body fat, was hypertensive, and had type 2 diabetes. Now, she makes a living telling others how to exercise and eat right.

Victoria Johnson tells Ivanhoe how people say, “But you’re a trainer. You work with the NBA. Why would you eat fast food?” She usually replies, “Because I’m busy like everyone else.”

Johnson says no matter what restaurant, you can make a healthy choice, and you can eat beef.

She tells Ivanhoe, “When I go to McDonald’s, I get the Quarter Pounder. I don’t have cheese or mayonnaise, but I add extra pickles, extra tomatoes, and extra lettuce.” She saves about 20 grams of fat. At Arby’s, Johnson recommends the chicken club without bacon, cheese and mayonnaise, which saves 10 grams of fat.

At Wendy’s, she says the best choice is the mandarin chicken salad with low, or no-fat dressing, to save 20 to 30 grams of fat. At Subway, she chooses the roast chicken sandwich with only six grams of fat.

Finally, Johnson says it’s good to drink water before your meal. It might even fill you up enough to save half your sandwich for later.

Johnson advises against french fries, but says if you have to have them, get a small order and save yourself 260 calories and 11 grams of fat.

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