What vitamins to take to improve my health?

Before you add anything to your health routine you should take a hard look at what things can be taken away.

1. Do you smoke? If yes, then nothing is more important than stopping this habit. No amount of Pilates or novel concoctions is likely to reverse the harm of nicotine.

2. Are you overweight? If yes, then the loss of just 10 pounds will have tremendous positive effects on your cardiovascular health, blood pressure, insulin levels and overall well-being, not to mention the fact that you will feel better.

3. Are you a couch potato? A simple 30-minute regimen of daily exercise, which can be as simple as walking or as complex as circuit training, is invaluable in maintaining your overall health and fitness.

4. Do you have medical problems such as hypertension or diabetes? If so, do you regularly monitor your blood pressure or blood glucose levels? Or do you not keep score and instead hope for the best?

5. Do you suffer from stress? What do you do to reduce the stresses of life? Do you have hobbies and/or friends? Do you play games such as golf? (Although some would say golf is a stressor.)

6. Are you keeping your noggin sharp? Do you read, do puzzles or play chess, for example? Or is Dancing with the Stars the extent of your intellectual stimulation?

If you answered “yes” to questions 1 through 5 or “no” to 6, don’t think I can prescribe a magic pill. You have some work to do. Then we can talk about vitamins.

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