How to Get the Vitamins You Need

  1. A healthy diet is the first and most important step. While multivitamins can certainly help, they should not be a replacement for fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and healthy oils. Keep your diet low in terms of eating red meat and unhealthy fats.
  2. Use a good-quality daily multivitamin. Quality multivitamins are an excellent and inexpensive way to give your body the added boost it needs.
  3. Remember your vitamin D supplements as these can help lower the risk of colon and breast cancer. Try to get between 800 and 1,000 IU’s of this vitamin each day. For most people, this means taking a supplement in addition to their multivitamin. Some individuals may require up to 2,000 IU’s a day in order to maintain adequate blood levels of vitamin D. This is especially true for those with darker skin, those who live in the northern states during winter, and those who are not outside in sunlight very much. Remember to talk to your doctor about supplements.
  4. Generally, individuals should stay away from the mega multivitamins and supplements. Vitamin D may be an exception though, depending on if you fall into a risk group or not.
  5. Don’t be fooled. Stay away from vitamin and supplements that promise quick cures or super-duper results. These are often seen on late night television and on the internet. Just avoid them and eat a good diet and take a quality multivitamin. That is all you need to do.

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