USANA Vitamins Procosa

What makes the upgraded Procosa a better supplement?

The main reason USANA upgrades products is to continue to provide the highest quality supplements to customers throughout the world. USANA continually strive to stay on the cutting edge of industry research, and they apply that research to the products to maintain the status as the best in the industry.

USANA scientists recently conducted a study published in the Journal of Natural Products. The breakthrough research showed just how effective Meriva bio-available curcumin, the new ingredient in Procosa, can be. Curcumin from turmeric generally has very poor oral absorption, but the study found that, compared against traditional curcmin preparations, “total curcuminoid absorption was about 29-fold higher for Meriva”. This is because the curcumin in Meriva is wrapped in a protective lipid barrier, improving gastrointestinal absorption to help achieve higher blood levels.

The addition of Meriva gives USANA’s Procosa joint-health supplement an edge over other products on the market. Meriva has been shown to support joint comfort and function, and because Meriva is a much more powerful and efficient ingredient than traditional curcumin, it gives your joints more of what they need with fewer Procosa tablets than before.

Upgraded Procosa, with the new addition of Meriva, now provides even better support for your joints and more of the benefits you’ve come to expect from USANA’s Nutritionals.

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