USANA Calming Tea

USANA Calming Tea—Buy two, get one free.

For three days only, enjoy a product that has taken our Asia Pacific market by storm! But don’t wait—if you don’t stock up now, you could miss the boat on this product forever.

Calming Tea
Feeling tense? Take a moment and let your mind escape the stress of your day. Sit back and enjoy a taste of Asia, the land of relaxation, meditation, and Calming Tea—a soothing herbal infusion with a sweet, comforting flavor. Its unique formula is designed to help you relax without losing your focus.

Health Basics

Caffeine free
24 wrapped tea bags
100 percent natural ingredients
No added sugar or flavors

For best tea infusion, pour 8 oz (250 ml) boiling water over one bag of USANA’s Calming Tea and steep for three to five minutes. Those who are extremely stressed may want to consume an additional serving. Drink as needed to relieve stress, stay alert, and focused.

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