Let the Sun Shine Down on Me

Every time you step outdoors, you’re taking in more than just fresh air — you’re also getting your daily dose of vitamin D. When exposed to sunlight, your body naturally generates the potent nutrient that helps you absorb calcium, which maintains bone density and growth. Plus, it keeps the nervous system in top shape and regulates the immune system. But basking in rays for 10 minutes a day isn’t the only way to take in this heart–healthy vitamin:

  • Get its goodness from foods: Salmon, mackerel, mushrooms, beef liver, egg yolks, and cheese contain vitamin D; other products — like milk, cereal, breads, and juices — can be fortified with it. Indulging in a breakfast rich in vitamin D is a great way to begin the day.
  • Pop a supplement: Ask your doctor to assess your vitamin D levels with your next blood test. They can recommend whether you need a supplement and how much to take each day.

Studies have linked deficiencies in the sunshine supplement to breast/colon/prostate cancer, heart disease, depression, and weight gain. For more information, visit Webmd.

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