Stay Healthy in a Gloomy Economy

Recession can wreak havoc on your health and financial stress can take its toll on your immune system, making you prone to illness. But if you do get sick, do you resist visiting the doctor to avoid the copay? Do you buy cheaper, less nutritious foods to keep the grocery tab down, or cancel your gym membership to cut the budget?

How can you survive the fiscal downturn without turning down your health?

Ask your insurer about raising your deductible or opening a health savings account. The savings from lower premiums could open up money for other costs without removing the protection of catastrophic coverage.

Look for drug discount options. Many organizations provide assistance in finding reduced-price or free prescription options for various eligibility levels.

Use lean times to become lean yourself. Cut out those stops at the drive-thru to keep change in your pocket and extra pounds off your waist. Lower your gas bill by leaving the car at home and walking more to burn calories and release stress. Cook meals from home instead of eating out — which is more nutritious, less expensive, and influential in family togetherness… a real prescription for healthy living.

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