Spa Treatment

You don’t have to shell out a lot of time or dough to enjoy a little pampering. Set up an in-home spa treatment with these simple indulgences:

Turn off the bathroom bulbs and light several fragrant candles. Go with a heat lamp if you have one. Draw a bath or just run a shower.

Cue up relaxing music or peaceful background noise like ocean waves, trickling water, or nature sounds. Pop in an audio book or spiritual meditation CD. Guys can even tune in to a favorite sportscast — whatever aids relaxation.

Exfoliate with a facial scrub, then massage your scalp, temples, and upper neck as you stand under the spray or soak in the tub. Gentlemen, try wrapping a hot towel around your face for a barber shop effect.

Bar soaps leave some skin dry and flaky, especially during this colder time of year. Lather in a body wash instead. Men will appreciate the more robust scents now available, while women can enjoy silky floral perfumes.

Top off your cleanse with a clean shave. Blot dry, then apply a therapeutic emollient to your face, hands, elbows, knees, and feet. Wrap up with a splash of aftershave or body spray.

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