Beware Any Doctor Who …

• Claims he can slow, stop, or reverse the aging process.
• Says he’s board-certified in anti-aging medicine or age management. The American Board of Medical Specialties (the gold standard in physician certification) does not recognize any such credential.
• Suggest that you take human growth hormone (HGH). It is illegal to prescribe for anti-aging purposes.
• Wants to prescribe you compounded bioidentical hormones. If you’re interested in hormone replacement therapy, including bioidenticals, go to a board-certified endocrinologist, internist, geriatrician, or gynecologist to get a prescription for a standardized, FDA-approved drug.
• Tells you have a hormone imbalance based simply on a saliva test, or that you have a vitamin or mineral deficiency based on a cheek swab or genetic test. It’s impossible to diagnose any of these conditions without, at the very least, a blood test.
• Can’t give you any evidence of the safety and efficacy of the medical intervention he’s recommending. Your doctor should be able to offer examples of published clinical studies that have been conducted on the treatment.

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