Simple Swaps

Planning this weekend’s family barbeque? Your shopping list may include traditional favorites such as burgers, chips, and creamy potato salad. But while these summer staples whet the appetite, they don’t do much for the waistline.

Try these subtle changes to cut calories without slashing taste:

  • Try ground turkey burgers instead of beef to reduce overall fat and calories. You don’t need to give up the cheese — while a slice of cheddar contains 113 calories and 9.3 grams of fat, a slice of low–fat Swiss weighs in at only 50 calories and 1.4 grams of fat.
  • Trade out those potato chips and onion dip for baked pita crisps and hummus. The garbanzo bean blend has a creamy texture that impersonates indulgence when in fact it’s a low–calorie, nutrient–dense spread that serves as a good source of protein and fiber. Pita chips are generally lighter than the potato classic, yet they share the same salty crunch.
  • Step out of the potato box and put a new spin on an old favorite. Instead of mixing with mayonnaise, follow the blue–ribbon recipe of the National Potato Board. Mix olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, parsley, paprika, and cumin with diced tomatoes and red onions into your cubed spuds for a flavorful side dish.

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