One-Week Push

Sometimes stubborn bulges don’t want to budge, whether it’s a little extra padding in the midsection or thickness in the face. Weight loss takes time and effort, and no fad diet is ever the answer. But there are aggressive health moves you can make to kick–start a body revolution or tackle a few final pounds:

  • Try this nutritional boot camp to rev up calorie burn; who knows — your results might spark a permanent change in lifestyle habits.
  • Cut out all processed sugars. Say no to candy cravings. Replace soda and other sweetened drinks with pure water. And leave the baked goods on the shelf. If you can tame that sweet tooth by avoiding sugars other than fruit, you’ll notice a difference.
  • Go lean with fish and beans instead of heavier meats. Order the grilled salmon for dinner. Try tuna salad at lunch. Or cook up a veggie chili or bean soup for a hearty alternative to beef or chicken.
  • Bump up your activity. Go for an hour walk after dinner. Take your lunch break at the gym. Or set the alarm for a predawn workout. Even if you have to break it up, commit to 60 minutes of exercise throughout the day.
  • Don’t eat within 3 hours of going to bed. Enough said.

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