Set the Wheels in Motion

It’s time to dust off your bike and head outdoors. Or is it? If pollen and traffic stop you in your tracks, consider an alternative bicycling option — spinning. Created to helped racers train, it’s become a popular way for professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts to enjoy exercising indoors. But before you take it for a spin, here are some things you should know:

  • One size does not fit all: Adjust your seat according to your height. It should be at hip level so your knees don’t lock as you build up momentum. Your handlebars should be at seat level so your elbows are slightly bent.
  • Improper shoes can lead to injury: Soft running shoes may slip off the pedals. Try cycling or stiff–soled shoes, which provide better traction and comfort.
  • Towels and water are a must: Biking can be a sweaty venture. Bring plenty of towels to pat dry, and wrap around the handlebars for a better grip. Be sure to stay hydrated.
  • Over–enthusiasm does have its drawbacks: Spinning can provide an intense, calorie–burning workout, but it’s easy to spin out of control. Going too fast, too soon can cause knee injuries or strained back and hamstring muscles.

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