School Is Out

The school year may be over — but you can still learn something new this summer. Let the sunshine inspire you to try a new activity or tap into your creative side.

Mastering a new skill or hobby infuses life with energy, excitement, confidence — and summer is the perfect time. Is there something you used to enjoy, but haven’t done for a long time? Or something you’ve always wanted to do? Put pen to paper and list your ideas. Get your family in the game and include some activities to enjoy together.

Get the fun started with these ideas:

  • Check out your local community college catalog for summer lessons and programs — from dancing or golf to pottery, kayaking, or beginning guitar
  • Visit local art galleries and studios for creative inspiration
  • Sign up and train for an athletic event such as a 10K run/walk, ½ marathon, or triathlon
  • Volunteer for a cause you’re passionate about
  • Learn how to ride a horse or play tennis; invite a friend to join you for lessons to double the fun
  • Make a summer book list, and include genres you don’t normally read; attend a poetry reading.

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